Blossom Game

Blossom game by Merriam-Webster is a daily word puzzle game available online. In this game, players are tasked with creating words from a set of seven letters. These letters are displayed in a flower-like arrangement, with six forming the petals and one at the center. Players must use the central letter in every word they create, and each word needs to be at least four letters long.


How to Play Blossom Game

To play the Blossom game by Merriam-Webster, follow these steps
  • Start the Game

    Visit the Blossom.Game website to play the Blossom game. Each day you'll find a new puzzle with a different set of seven letters. This daily update keeps the game interesting and provides a regular mental exercise.

  • Create Words

    Use the seven letters, arranged in a flower shape with one at the center, to form words. Every word must include the central letter and be at least four letters long, adding a strategic twist to your word formation.

  • Maximize Your Words

    Your objective is to create as many as 12 words from the given letters. The option to reuse letters, including the crucial central one, allows for a variety of word combinations and tests your creativity and vocabulary.

  • Scoring and Completion

    The game scores you based on the length of the words and the use of the central letter. It concludes either when you form 12 words or can't find more words, offering a satisfying end to each puzzle.

  • Daily Challenge

    A new set of letters is presented daily, ensuring the game stays fresh and challenging. This regular change not only tests your vocabulary but also keeps you engaged by offering new puzzles each day.

Frequently Asked Question

FAQ for Blossom Game by Merriam-Webster

Blossom is an online word puzzle game offered by Merriam-Webster. Players create words from seven letters arranged in a flower shape, with six on the petals and one in the center. The central letter must be used in all words.

Players aim to make up to 12 words, each at least four letters long, using the letters provided. The central letter is a mandatory inclusion in each word. Letters can be reused in different words.

The score depends on the word's length and the frequency of the central letter's usage in the words. Using all the letters to form a word (pangram) also impacts the score.

Yes, players can create a maximum of 12 words in each game.

Yes, letters, including the central letter, can be reused multiple times in forming different words.

A pangram in Blossom is a word that uses all seven letters provided in the game.

Yes, Blossom is a free online game available on Merriam-Webster's website.

Yes, there are online solvers like the "Blossom Solver" on dCode, which can assist players in finding possible word combinations.

Regular practice, expanding your vocabulary, and using tools like the Blossom Solver for assistance can help improve your performance in the game.

About Blossom Game

The Blossom game by Merriam-Webster is a captivating and intellectually stimulating online word puzzle that has garnered popularity among word game enthusiasts. In this daily game, players are presented with a unique set of seven letters arranged in a charming flower-like layout - six forming the petals and one at the center. The central letter is a crucial element of gameplay, as it must be included in every word the player forms. With a maximum of 12 words allowed per game, players are challenged to create words that are at least four letters long, cleverly leveraging the opportunity to reuse letters in different combinations. The game's scoring system rewards players based on the length of the words and the frequency of the central letter's use, adding an extra layer of strategy. A special accolade, known as a pangram, is awarded for words that ingeniously utilize all seven letters. This free and easily accessible game not only provides a delightful daily brain exercise but also enhances vocabulary and linguistic creativity. It stands out for its simplicity yet engaging gameplay, making it a favorite pastime for those who relish in word puzzles.